Zachary L. Powers was born in the Emerald City in 1973 and raised on a Canadian farm by a female motorcycle gang and it's naturopathic physicians followed by a violent return to the Untied States where he was educated in the fine art of excess. He worked for many years as a carpenter, a chef and a fisherman in Wyoming and Alaska building houses he did not live in, cooking thousands of meals he did not eat and killing rivers of salmon destined for markets around the world. The camera with its finite frame and record button has been integral in his attempt to understand the life. He now lives in New York City with his wife, children and six cocker spaniels. He enjoys noon tennis at the club, quiet walks in the park and light romantic comedies.

Zak has directed and photographed international commercial campaigns and editorial stories for clients such as H&M, Sony, Puerto Rico, The New York Times, McDonalds, Elle, TeNeues, Macallan, Tod's, Vogue, New York, Gourmet, Mother Jones, Newsweek and Time magazine. In 2009 he founded Irregular Industries, a film and photo production company.

Zak Powers